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Начало УейкбордУейкборд Brunotti Maintainer

Уейкборд Brunotti Maintainer

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The Brunotti Maintainer Hybrid Wakeboard can do it both. This board makes you smile at the cable park and when you are riding boat. The Brunotti Maintainer is super consistent, stable, easy to run and as we said super fun! Just kick ass all around riding. With our Core technology and our uniquely thinned out tip and tail  you will notice right away. Long life, lively snap, and some amazing torsion make the Mainatiner ultra responsive. We started with our bomber rail profile to make it super durable and added layers of love with the molded in fins. The Maintainer rides fast, reacts quickly, and delivers mounds of monster pop. Shred obstacles like a hot knife thru butter and flex the presses into the box or anywhere else you want to. Already a huge favorite , check it out and it will be yours too.

Check the Core

All the same characteristics and benefits of the Surveyor core, but in this case the kinetic energy is released in more of an outward flowing pattern towards the tip and tail. This allows for some added energy on the outer rail portions of your board so you can dig and sink it a bit deeper in the water and still maintain all the torsional energy you want.

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Brunotti Maintainer Хибриден Уейкборд 140 см
Brunotti Maintainer Хибриден Уейкборд 140 смBrunotti Maintainer Хибриден Уейкборд 140 смУейкборд Brunotti Maintainer

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Rider Weight Indication


  • 135 50-75kg
  • 140 65-90kg


Key Features


  • Hybrid Specific Design
  • RDP/2 Core
  • Hardwood Infused Core
  • Tri-Axial Glass layup
  • Molded In Fins
  • M6 Inserts