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Кайт дъска Tona The Pop 2.0

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This board is known for being fast, grippy & explosive! The Pop was Tona’s debut kiteboard which we developed with our fellow riders in mind, and is Jake Kelsick’s favorite from our twin tip lineup. At the time of its conception there was a big demand for something that had great pop off the water, went upwind well and also had good traction when riding finless. After several rounds of testing prototypes with different channel designs we came up with something that was very unique and innovative, and people have been stoked with it ever since. True to the original design, the POP 2.0 has the same great shape and tough construction but we tweaked the glass lay up to improve the flex pattern and added a new graphic. It’s the same great ride but with a fresh look!
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The Pop 2.0
The Pop 2.0The Pop 2.0The Pop 2.0The Pop 2.0The Pop 2.0The Pop 2.0The Pop 2.0The Pop 2.0The Pop 2.0The Pop 2.0


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Meet the Revival Series – Tona Pop. We’re calling it the revival series partly because this graphic reminds us of the very our first Pop board that launched the Tona brand, and also because this version of the Pop is all the best elements of the previous generations combined! Just like the name implies, this board explodes off the water with huge pop for helping you progress your wake and freestyle riding skills. Double concave bottom and channeled rails give it the added speed and upwind drive for powering up your progression. Upgraded fins and hardware, plus colored rails offer a factory tuned edge that’s ready to ride, but also allows you to customize the rail profile of your Tona board if you choose. The sintered slider base and ramp fins are highly durable, and with reinforced insert blocks and a full wood core the Pop is completely built to last beyond whatever you can possibly imagine riding on. Add the new Revival Series Pop to your quiver and get ready to take your progression to the next level.