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Tona came into existence after a few of us friends got together and decided to take our passion for board sports and create something that like-minded people would truly appreciate. We all came from similar backgrounds and were fortunate enough to be raised on an island where the ocean was our playground. Living in Antigua with the ocean literally at our doorsteps, the draw to water sports was too strong to resist and our passion for riding boards is what brought us together and forged our friendships from a young age. As anyone who has ever been into riding boards knows there is a special type of camaraderie that exists in our world. Those of us who never quite found our place in conventional sports felt at home when we discovered this alternative world that wasn't bound by rules or clocks or whistles. Like outcasts from a society that didn't make sense to us, we found our place and our pack and we ran with them. It's this passion for our sports and the friendships that we built along the way that inspired us to start Tona, a company that would produce boards and equipment that our fellow shred heads would be proud to own and ride. As riders ourselves we have always focused on design, function, an style, and so it has been our mission from the very beginning to make products that we love and know you will love, too.
- Dereck and Andre



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