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Каска за уейкборд Hyperlite Step Up L

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Hyperlite Step Up Wakeboard: Got your head on straight? Keep it that way with the help of the Hyperlite Step Up Wakeboard Helmet. This helmet features the exclusive Brock Foam technology, a light weight foam-lining that allows moisture and air to circulate through without absorption. This equals a long-lasting, mold-free helmet on your head, wave after wave. Brock Foam also has the ability to return to its original shape after impact, so you won’t be stuck looking like a blockhead after a few spills. If you want a helmet that stays in the shape and condition you bought it, and looks like a symphony of hip on your head, then the Hyperlite Step Up Wakeboard Helmet is for you.

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Каска за уейкборд Hyperlite Step Up L
Каска за уейкборд Hyperlite Step Up L

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  • Brock Foam is exclusive to Hyperlite from Bern Helmets.
  • Sink Fit is a unique fit and feel to all Hyperlite by Bern helmets. This construction allows the helmet to ride at a low profile for better fit and feel.
  • Ear protection is an additional feature to all Hyperlite by Bern Helmets. With a removable snap system, these soft conforming ear flaps offer maximum protection for high speed falls.
  • Adjustable chin strap allows for a wide variety of head shapes and sizes.
  • Size: Large (57-59cm)