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Spinera Double Action Classic Pro Pump

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The modern SUP board must be inflated to very high pressure to get optimum performance. For this we decided to realize a hand pump more comfortable, rapid and robust. Our Spinera Double Action Classic Pro Pump being used in double acton and then single action, can achieve 26psi rapidly and effortlessly. It comes with a gauge to show you the exact pressure.


  • Capacity 1.8 + 1.8 L, max. pressure 26psi as DIN EN 16051
  • Rotating pump adapter to make it easier to connect the hose
  • Seals and anti-sand filter for long life of pump and SUP board
  • High-airflow piston for an easier inflation
  • Switch tap for double/single action
  • Shockproof gauge meter

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  • High pressure
  • Performance double action hand pump
  • With deflation function
  • Reinforced pump handles
  • Best suited to fill iSUPs and inflatable kayaks
  • Color: turquoise / black
  • Manometer with pressure display in bar and PSI
  • Including H3
  • Bayonet adapter
  • Aluminum pump shaft
  • Extra large pump body for faster filling
  • Fold-out feets for better power transfer during the pump process and easier for storage

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