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Kitesurf (KIte Surf)


Kitesurfing (or kiteboarding) is not just a water sport - it is a way of life. Kitеboarding is one of the fastest growing sports, an extreme challenge, a great way to raise your adrenaline and get an experience that is hard to find elsewhere.

With the help of a special kite and a twintip, surf or foil board, anyone can learn to navigate the sea using the force of the wind - thus reaching brutal speeds. One of the greatest charms of kite surfing is that in addition to the thrill you get, you can do great tricks and jump in the air.

With the right kite surfing equipment and the right training, kitesurfing is available to anyone who wants to feel real adrenaline. In our kite surf shop you will find just that - professional kitesurf, boards and equipment, wetsuits, sunglasses, as well as all the necessary accessories for surfing.

Quality is guaranteed - so is the experience.

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