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Backpacks & Bags

Bags & Backpacks


Backpacks and bags

It is vital to have large and sturdy backpacks for the mountains when you go on a trip - in really high quality backpacks you can fit a large amount of accessories, food, water, clothes and more, without worrying that it will not last. The more you can take with you when you go on an expedition, the more relaxed you will be that you are prepared for any challenges you will find in the mountains.

At Animal we also offer the strongest and most practical sports shoulder bags for the urban environment - whether it is to skate or BMX with them and be sure that they will withstand any stress or simply because you want a high quality backpack for your everyday life. to be comfortable on your shoulders, our sports backpacks are the best choice.

Lovers of freedom not only like freedom during sports - they like to have no boundaries and travel. That's why Animal also offers a comfortable and durable backpack on wheels that you can use for a long time when you fly, as well as a travel bag if you prefer the classic way of carrying your most important products and clothes with you.

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