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Wakeboarding is one of the most exciting water sports that can be practiced. Wakeboarding can be seen as a combination of surfing, waterskiing and snowboarding, with the wakeboarder being towed by a boat, jet or cable with a rope to which he holds on. In this way great speed is developed, especially if the person is more experienced in practicing wakesurfing – speeds of over 40 km per hour are sometimes reached!

What are the benefits of wake?

Besides the feeling of euphoria and the adrenaline rush, wakeboarding also has many health benefits:
• Strengthens the muscles of the arms and legs and makes them more flexible - still uses your limbs to stay on board and maneuver in the water;
• Improves your concentration and reactions – when you are moving on the water at tens of kilometers per hour, you have little time to react and you must always be alert;
• Improves your coordination.

At Animal you will also find professional equipment to be fully prepared for the wake challenge: professional wakeboardboards, specialized wakeboard boots, wake ropes, helmets and protective wakeboard vests. Experience one of the most brutal and adrenaline-pumping water sports while being prepared with all the necessary accessories and essentials with our professional products.

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