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Morava is here

Date: 2019-01-31

Our Philosophy



Our philosophy is built around simplicity – in nature and herbs there is everything our body needs to recover and feel good so that we keep moving. To keep moving with a hobby, sport or our everyday work.



Every product contains only 100% natural ingredients – herbs and oils artfully combined and put into small boxes that are easy and convenient to carry with you. Each product is designed for a special need and that is where the role of our herbs master comes in. Morava Balm is not only a combination of herbs that are known for many years for their properties, it is the right combination of herbs that are known for many years for their properties



Every single box of Morava Balm is handmade with the attention and time devoted to it in order to ensure that what you are buying is something more than an ointment. It is a passion, it is a concept. It is our way of living that we try to materialize into products.



Our tins are environmentally friendly, portable, easy to use. They are made from aluminum in order to be safe, clean and completely recyclable. They prevent the product from contact with oxygen during use and thus preserve the active ingredients and maintain balm’s life.

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